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20 ways to show yourself love every day

20 ways to show yourself love every day

Posted by Irina Sipos on Aug 25th 2020

Self Love is not a novelty idea nor is it a difficult concept. Do you know that feeling of love that you have for your family, friends, pets, ect.? That feeling of being so proud of them; watching in amazement at everything they do? Well, just take that and apply it to yourself. Simple, right?

In theory, yes. This is exactly how self-love works. Be proud of every step you take, romanticize your life, put yourself first. However, in practice, things start getting a little cloudy. Since self-love is truly such a vague word, there is no manual; no script on how to practice but instead you must remember to take time out of your day for yourself while still fulfilling all your daily responsibilities. This is where a simple mentality pivot is crucial. Self-love is just as powerful in the small acts as the large ones. Your life is about you. Everything you do includes yourself and therefore even the smallest of actions are actions of self-love. We love you and know you are so deserving of love. Here are a few ways you are practicing or could be practicing self-love every day:

  1. Wash your face
  2. Smile at yourself in the mirror
  3. Make your bed
  4. Put on deodorant
  5. Use your favorite scented lotion
  6. Listen to your favorite song on repeat
  7. Go online window shopping
  8. Sweep, vacuum, Swiffer, somehow cleanse your space
  9. Brush your hair
  10. Put your phone on “Do Not Disturb”
  11. Cook or order your favorite meal
  12. Take a deep breath
  13. Set a reminder to tell yourself how wonderful you are
  14. Laugh
  15. Put on an outfit that makes you feel great
  16. Shoot your shot
  17. Read a blog (We can suggest a great one ;) ) or a book
  18. Pick up a new hobby
  19. Smile at a stranger

And last but definitely not least,

20. Say No

Self-Love is difficult but making sure you are not by yourself makes it a little easier. RARA Club is committed to building a community centered on empowerment and doing better. How are you practicing self-love today? This week? This month? We would love to know! Share your pictures on Instagram with #raralove. Let’s all love ourselves, together