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Can a Nightly Skincare Routine Fix My Sleeping Habits?

Can a Nightly Skincare Routine Fix My Sleeping Habits?

Posted by Irina Sipos on Aug 24th 2020

Nightly routines are not a revolutionary idea. I do not know the exact statistics but I am 99% certain people have had some form of nightly routine for about the same amount of time that people have had nights. I always had a loose form of a night routine since the time I started applying products to my skin. From random gut feelings I had to actual dermatologist and influencer recommendations, I developed an ever-evolving nightly routine. I say ever-evolving not because it changed as my skin changed or whatever you’re probably supposed to do, I say ever-evolving because it ‘evolved’ either daily, weekly, monthly, or whenever I decided I liked a different product more. The way I took care of my skin was never truly a main concern to me as my face was always relatively ok and when it wasn’t, I was most likely the one to blame (sleeping in makeup, eating bad, picking, etc). Because of this, I never went through the effort of creating a simple yet effective way to wash off the day, clear my pores, and prepare myself for sleep. I guess the only reason I never truly understood the importance of a strict nightly routine until about a year ago was genetics. My thrown together cleanse did a good enough job for me to be relatively pleased at the state of my skin. One year ago, amid other personal issues, I began losing sleep drastically. I would toss and turn all night, constantly wake up, or sometimes my body would be exhausted while my mind continued to race for hours. If I am being completely honest, I was fine with a life of sleeping pills, extremely loud/annoying alarm clocks, and occasional sleepless night. I was fine with this until my skin completely broke out. While breakouts look different on every person and I for certain have had my fair share, this particular brand was those awful cystic pimples that somehow grow from nothing overnight yet live rent-free for as long as they please. In my tried and true fashion, I got as many products I could find that contained salicylic acid, claimed to clear pores, and left beautiful glowing skin. This worked out great until I eventually strayed and my skin fought back more vigorously each time (about two months of trial and error but we all can’t be fast learners). At this same time, my sleep schedule was the worst it had ever been. An average of two all nighters a week plus sleeping less than six hours the rest of the nights was not a good look.

The sleeping pills I was prescribed were no longer working and I was increasing dosages rapidly, I felt as though I could never get enough sleep, waking up was near impossible. This is when I decided to reevaluate the life I was okay with living. Maybe I wouldn’t get the recommended nightly hours for sleep or still need to use a little meditation music to get to sleep but I would not become dependent on sleeping medication; I was going to have a routine. Every morning (you get the point) from that day forward I would wake up at the same time and try to go to bed at the same time. Creating a rhythm and routine that my body would eventually have to follow. Every morning I would take care of my animals, drink coffee, listen to some music, and get ready for the day. Every night I would take care of my animals again, maybe drink some tea, and most importantly I would perform my mini skincare ‘ritual’. A little cleanser, toner, moisturizer, “YOU GROW GIRL”, and topical acne treatment. For a while I gave my night routine no thought, I was simply washing the debris off my face and adding a little moisturizer. Over time however, my night routine has become deeply important to me. No matter how my day went, the quality of sleep I got the night before, or my stresses of tomorrow, I was able to wash off everything that had stuck to me from the day. I was able to hit reset and just as I thought; create a routine and my body will have to eventually follow. Establishing a mental barrier between the thoughts going through my mind during the day and the thoughts I begin to think at night was crucial. Within a week my skin was improving but more amazingly I found it easier to fall asleep and wake up.

Adding a nightly skicare routine to my day helped me feel like a person again. Maybe you are experiencing issues with sleep at varying degrees from how I felt. Maybe you are tying to get more restful sleep. Maybe you just want to see how a solidified skicare routine affects your sleep Either way, why not try adjusting the way you signal your brain it is time for bed in a simple yet personally effective way. You know, Pavlov yourslf. Who knows, your skin might thank you, your sleep might thank you, who knows.

Next time you get ready for bed try this:

Before washing your face, simply just take some time to appreciate yourself because why not. As you wash your face, picture whatever affected you most from the day literally dissolving as you scrub. Rinse your face. Then take a deep breath and notice how you feel. Apply your moisturizer and feel positivity absorb into your skin. Finish off your routine with "YOU GROW GIRL" CBD Lash and Brow Boost, and remind yourself that you are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to.